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Preamble to video:The Canadian veteran you are watching is Lieutenant Russell Kennedy MC, Reconnaissance Officer, 23rd Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers. And I am David Bennett, the author of A Magnificent Disaster. By Monday September 25, the ninth day of the Amhem Operation, the ground troops had reached the south bank of the Lower Rhine at Driel in the Netherlands. The British First Airborne Division was cut off and stranded on the north bank. The paratroopers had to be evacuated back across the Rhine, under the cover of night. The main formation to do this was the 23rd Canadian engineer company, using motorized stormboats. Here is Russell Kennedy, describing his last run across the Rhine, starting in daylight and picking up the stranded paratroopers on the north bank. (You may have to increase audio volume for clarity. There is a control bottom right of the video screen.)

Lt. Russell Kennedy. MC 1945
( Regrettably, Russell passed on June 4th, 2010. He was 92. )

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Russell Kennedy & David Bennett, 2008

Postscript:In the end, at least two thousand, three hundred and ninety eight paratroopers were rescued, the vast majority by the 23rd Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, a story told publicly for the first time, in A Magnificent Disaster. Kennedy was officially acknowledged as the organizer of the Evacuation, awarded the Military Cross and personally credited with bringing back 125 survivors of the British First Airborne Division.

David Bennett

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